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Dynamics GP

A Microsoft Dynamics GP table reference was created to help users create SQL queries.

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Lesson Plans

Lesson plans created by certified members of the Ontario College of Teachers.

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Service Pricing

Learn about Datacrunch Canada services and competitive rates.

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Basic T-SQL Join Where…

Lets say you have two tables: Employees and Profile.  You need to find everyone who is over 21. Employees: UserID, int Name, varchar(5) 1, Peter 2, Cathy 3, Manuel 4, Jonathan Profile: UserID, int Birthday, date 1, 2010-03-13 2, 1997-06-21 3, 1988-04-16 4, 2013-08-22 select Name from Employees as e join Profile as p on e.UserId=p.UserID where DATEADD(YY,21,Birthday) <

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FFVII: Re-Imagined

Head over to http://ffvii-reimagined.com to download the game. Feels like playing Megaman with Zero.  Wasn’t able to get it working with my PS3 controller though.  Default keyboard mapping is awkward for a side-scroller.  Looking forward to the completed game!


No glory for SSGSS Vegeta

Goku saves the day again, while Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan.  Golden Freeza is stronger than SSGSS Goku, but only during the beginning.   Because Freeza did not perfect his new form, he is easily beaten in the end.  Vegeta still can’t SS3. The emblem on Goku and Vegeta’s outfit was drawn

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Datacrunch Powered by N10J

I couldn’t find a host I liked, so I decided to host myself…on a netbook.  It was hard to find a reason not to!  Low energy consumption, quiet, and the battery acts as a UPS.  My ISP upload speed is about 10 Mbps so that should more than enough for a blog.  Did I mention

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