Lolipop is finally here for Sony Z-series devices.  Too bad it's not the 5.1 update.

WIndows 10 feels like Windows 8.1, but with a classic start menu.  Maybe it's just me, but the start menu doesn't feel the same without the Accessories and Startup folders.
All you need is 1 Ghz, 1GB RAM, and 16 GB free space to install Windows 10...I should just call this WinXP2 for short.
Fairy Fencer actually feels like a classic JRPG -- Reminds me of the Parasite Eve and Atelier battle system.  Although the Nobuo Uemastu is behind the music composition, I am disappointed with the soundtrack.  To make things worse, EBGames delayed this game for 2 days due to slow shipment of whatever.  Most of the employees had no idea this game was even coming out...
Be sure to check out the reversible cover!  I flipped the cover immediately since it had no French on it!
Inside the box is a small booklet, but it's in black and white.
I am pretty awesome.
At the time of writing, Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is still not released.  On the other hand, Tales of Xillia 2 is out!
Bandai Namco, please release Tales of Destiny: Directors Cut in English sometime soon, thanks!
While everyone was lining up to pick up Watch Dogs, I picked up Hakuoki (薄桜鬼) instead.  All those dirty looks on me...

A lot of programs that use SQL Server as a back-end normally go through a normal install, but no post-install setup.

Have you ever forgotten how many months or years that has passed since a special date?  Lets say it was an anniversary years ago, but now you need to know how many months or days has passed.  Using T-SQL you can find out easily.

This book is thick and heavy.  The pages are also thin.  At 5cm thickness and 1384 pages, there's a lot of content in here.

Remember when recovery disks came in floppy disks?  Then they came on CDs, and eventually DVDs.  Not Blu-Rays though!
3.5" Floppy Disk - 1.44 MB

After creating a program, you'll naturally want to create an installer for it so the program is installed correctly for everyone else who uses it.  To my surprise, Windows has a built in program to compress and consolidate your setup files.