Saigon on Brant


Saigon on Brant, Vietnamese restaurant – Dine-in or Take-out.  Enjoy Vietnamese cuisine without the MSG!




Sammy Design


Who and What is Sammy Design?  Sammy Design is the birth child of Sam Luong, an Architectural Design graduate from Toronto – who since graduating in 2011 – has been exploring a variety of creative endeavors in order to find his passion and purpose in life.  Although his website was once created to offer freelance graphic design services, it has now evolved (just like Sam) into more of a virtual gallery, a blog space where he periodically shares his many travel photos, his interests/thoughts and all of his mini-creations.  This is one of the things that he discovered along the way that truly makes him happy in life.



So Indifferent


Music and design are his biggest passions in life, which is why he wants to utilize his skills in the two areas that matter most to him. 




By Vivian Design

Vivian Ngai works with wellness entrepreneurs and heart-led changemakers to develop, design and create their digital assets + spaces so their authentic essence is communicated consistently, effectively, and beautifully throughout to attract and reach more ideal clients. She offers services in web design, graphics (social media, Facebook Ads), PDF design (workbooks and lead magnets), as well as visual branding (logos, style board, and mood board)!



Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Community


A vibrant, modern urban centre for residents and businesses that encompasses all amenities of urban lifestyle.  From inspiring multi-use office towers, residences, open green space and urban squares, pedestrian shopping areas and restaurants, to walking and cycling paths. All coexisting with some of the most technologically advanced sustainable buildings in the world.  The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre is the superb location for companies that embrace innovation, creativity and the future economy. Businesses will have direct access to young, talented and skilled workforce. With an 8.6 km subway extension line (six new subway stations) including a new regional transportation hub, businesses will have direct and seamless connections to Toronto through York University, and the Greater Toronto Area.


Changing Lanes

changing_lanesFollow the story of a young African-Canadian growing up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in the world.  Changing Lanes is story about the struggle and triumphs of a Black male against the rest of the world.  His goal is to motivate troubled youth to steer from the wrong path, just as he was able to change lanes. 



Dueling Identities

Dueling IdentitiesDueling Identities shares Jaskaran’s stories of growing up with two identities, here traditional ethnic background (Indian) and her legal and residential one (Canadian).  Although she has lived in the multicultural city of Toronto her whole life, she has felt caught between these two worlds.  Connecting to both identities has been challenging but has shaped many aspects of her life.  Read her stories on her blog at