Basic ServicesPriceDescription
Virus Removal$20Remove viruses, infections, spyware, trojan, and adware without deleting user files.
Reformat Computer$20Completely wipe all data, install operating system, updates, and drivers. Software installation requires licenses, charges extra.
Data Migration$20 + $1/GBBackup user data and transfer to another machine.
Data Backup$20 + $1/GBBack up all data to storage media (USB, External Hard Drive, DVD, etc.). Storage media extra.
Data Recovery$100Recover data from damaged hard drives and save to storage media. Storage media extra.
Computer Assembly$20Assemble PC from individual components, configure BIOS settings, and overclocking/undervolting upon request.
Parts Replacement$20Replace individual computer components (RAM, HDD, SSD, ODD, PSU, etc.).
Computer Optimization$20Speed up computer by removing un-used application, disabling services, and applying other settings.
Computer Detailing$5Clean computer and components from dust, residue, and other rubbish.
Computer Pickup / Delivery$20Pickup computers and electronics for recycling or delivering fixed computers to a specific address.
Home Network Setup$50Setup home network to router, switches, wifi, printers, mobile devices, etc.


Advanced ServicesPriceDescription
Windows on Macbook$50Install Windows operating system on Macbook Air, Macbook, and Macbook Pro (including Retina Display).
OS X on PC$100Setup Hackintosh - Run OS X on non-Apple hardware. Success rate depends on hardware.
Dual/Triple Boot Macbook$50Install Windows, Linux, and OS X concurrently on Macbook Air, Macbook, and Macbook Pro (including Retina Display).
Virtualization$50Virtualize Windows, OS X, or Linux operating system on OS X via Parallels, VMware, Hyper-V, etc.
Windows Password Reset$50Reset Windows user password.
Downgrade SQL Server$50/hourDe-obfuscate Microsoft SQL Server objects and migrate to an older SQL Server database (i.e., 2012 to 2008).
Server Setup$50/hourSetup Windows Server roles and features.
Server Application Setup$50/hourSetup server applications including Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange, SQL Server, IIS, and RemoteApp.
Data Destruction$50Wipe data from storage media at least 3 times, and verify media to ensure data is not recoverable. Certificate of Data Destruction Completed is also issued.
Remote Support$25/15 minute blockConnect to your machine remotely to diagnose, troubleshoot and fix issues. By appointment only.


Educational ServicesPriceDescription
Private Tutoring - Primary/Junior$30/hourPrivate tutoring by certified Ontario College of Teacher instructor. Kindergarten to Grade 6 students preferred, concentration on English Language Learners and Mathematics.
Private Tutoring - Intermediate/Senior$40/hourPrivate tutoring in Mathematics. Grade 7 to 12 students preferred.
SQL Server Administration (Basic)$20/hourHands-on lessons administering Microsoft SQL Server (Basic).
SQL Server Administration (Intermediate)$30/hourHands-on lessons administering Microsoft SQL Server (Intermediate).
SQL Server Administration (Advanced)$40/hourHands-on lessons administering Microsoft SQL Server (Advanced).