AMD Crimson Replaces Catalyst

AMD Radeon Software just got a new makeover.  Replacing Catalyst, AMD introduces Radeon Software – Crimson Edition, a much more visually appealing interface to change graphics settings.

New tray icon logo.


New interface looks sleek with important information organized into tiles.


AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition also displays specific features for your graphics card in tile form.  Previously, this information was listed in a table format.


Display options are explained when you click “More”.


Global Graphics settings also look more organized.


The only difference is that you can only use Eyefinity with 3 or more displays using the Crimson interface.


The Catalyst interface isn’t completely gone.  Under Preferences > Additional Settings, you can also adjust Eyefinity settings here for two displays.


Once you setup your Eyefinity group, you can go back to Crimson, but not much is shown here.


AMD Radeon Software replaces most of Catalyst is a lot more organized and visually appealing.

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