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RemoteFX on Windows 10 Pro

Start with Windows 10 Professional (64-bit) and add the Hyper-V component.  You can find the Hyper-V Manager in the Administrative Tools folder. Create a Virtual Machine.  For this test, a Generation 2 Virtual Machine was used with .VHDX virtual Hard Disk. In the Hyper-V Settings, click on Physical GPUs and select a GPU from the list.

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Sample SQL Test

Sample SQL Server Test Q = Question A = Answer C = Comments Q1. What does SQL Stand for? A1. Structured Query Language C1. This question was probably asked to weed out candidates who answer “Sequel” or guess. Q2. Write a SQL query to select everything in a table. A2. SELECT * FROM <table> C2.

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New Datacrunch Services

New services at DataCrunch Canada now include technical workshops: Introduction to Excel Intermediate Excel Advanced Excel Introduction to SAS Introduction to SPSS Introduction to R Introduction to Maple Feel free to contact to book an appointment today!