Yones Toptech NG8007i Tablet

The Yones Toptech NG8007i Tablet is a hidden gem for a tablet.  For starters, the box it comes in shows the OKeaRin brand, Yones Toptech is nowhere to be seen on the box or the manual.  Let’s take a closer look at the box.

tablet_01 tablet_02

The tablet runs on Windows 8.1 with Bing, basically equivalent to Windows 7 Starter for netbooks.  Here is the most important bit: You cannot remove the recovery partition on this tablet!  This is because this tablet only has 16 GB of storage capacity.  The recovery partition has all of the system files compressed, removing this will prevent the tablet from starting up.  Make sure you create a USB recovery device before messing with this tablet.

tablet_03 tablet_04

The tablet is nice and small, 8″ inch screen, and only has 1 micro USB port for power and other devices.  It also comes with an OTG adaptor (micro USB to USB) so you can plug in USB hubs for more ports.  The built-in Bluetooth is able to connect to multiple devices, in this case, both mouse and keyboard, and also able to get good wifi signal without interfering with bluetooth signals.  The IPS display is crisp without looking washed out.  Great tablet for visual novels!  It’ll last about 4 – 6 hours.

tablet_05 tablet_06

If you ever need to access the BIOS, make sure you have a wired keyboard plugged in (it won’t detect the bluetooth devices until after POST).  The BIOS options are very limited to changing the boot order.  Upgrading to Windows 10 is definitely possible, but you may have to install it fresh due to the 16 GB capacity limitation.  This tablet is really fast and responsive, not something you would expect from an Intel Atom processor.


From the BIOS, you can also launch the EFI Shell from the filesystem device.  You can use this to recover data if you ever run into issues accessing the operating system.



You can basically use this tablet as a replacement desktop if you wanted.  Because it is running a newer Intel Atom processor (Z3735G) you can connect to a wireless display.  Using the Microsoft Wireless display adaptor works great, and can even set the secondary display to mirror or extended.  However, using the wireless display limits you to 1366 x 768 for the secondary monitor for this tablet.  It’s basically powered by Miracast and wifi.  The device looks like it’ll turboboost itself when needed and can go up to 1.83 Ghz when needed.


This tablet comes pre-installed with 32-bit Windows 8.1 with Bing, 1 GB DDR3 RAM, and has a SD card slot that can go up to 32GB capacity.


PS1 and N64 Emulator runs roms fairly smoothly, but do not expect to run PS2 Emulators on this device.  However, for a price tag of $75 CAD, this tablet is a complete deal!  Head over to Canada Computers to pick up one of these tablets.  Great for gifts, portable, and powerful.